Incentives for Natural Gas Engines

Provincial, State, and local governments offer incentives to encourage the adoption of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. These regulatory efforts are designed to reduce dependence on oil for transportation and reduce urban emissions and greenhouse gases. Use the links below to find out about funding programs which may be available in your region. 

For funding and incentives available in your area, contact your local natural gas vehicle organization or government energy office. 

Current Opportunities - Canada and USA

British Columbia - FortisBC 2014 Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Program for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - Program open to any owner or lessor of eligible vehicles in British Columbia within the FortisBC service area and includes a variety of applications and vehicles from bus, heavy-duty truck, marine, and locomotive.  Click here for details.

California - Proposition 1B Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program (GMERP)
The Program is administered by a partnership between the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and local agencies to quickly reduce air pollution emissions and health risk from freight movement along California’s trade corridors.  Projects funded under Prop 1B must achieve early or extra emission reductions not otherwise required by law or regulation.  Click here for complete program guidelines.  

Carl Moyer Program - The Carl Moyer Program provides financial incentives to assist in the purchase of cleaner-than-required engine and equipment technologies to achieve emission reductions that are real, surplus, quantifiable and enforceable.  Click here for details on funding available.

Colorado -The ALT Fuels Colorado vehicle grant program provides funding for alternative fueling infrastructure and vehicles, including funding to incentivize the purchase or lease of new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Class 2 - 8, compressed natural gas (CNG), propane (LPG), electric (EV), and CNG bi-fuel vehicles. Click here for details.

Delaware - The Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program provides incentives for Delawareans and Delaware businesses to purchase or lease alternative fuel vehicles, including rebates for natural gas powered vehicles. Click here for details.

New York - New incentives are available to New York fleet owners via the New York Truck – Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) program, which aims to accelerate the integration of advanced vehicle technologies in the commercial truck and bus sectors.  For complete details on this program, click here.

Texas - The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) provides financial incentives to eligible individuals, businesses or local governments to reduce emissions from polluting vehicles and equipment. Grant applications are accepted at different times throughout the year, depending on available funds.  A summary is available here.

  • Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program (TNGVGP):  Up to $37.8 million in grants is being made available to encourage an entity that owns and operates a heavy-duty or medium-duty motor vehicle to replace the vehicle with a natural gas vehicle or repower the vehicle with a natural gas engine.  Learn more here.

- This list is a sample of funding available.  Use the links at the top of the page to search for other programs.