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CNG Fleet Helps Progressive Waste Solutions Shrink Its Carbon Footprint

Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd., a North American refuse and recycling company, announced it has received its highest score (96 out of 100) in 10 years of participating in the CDP Report.  Read More

Posted 7 days ago

Natural Gas: A fuel of the future?

Two years ago, Frank Mainella, controller at Coquitlam, B.C.'s Smithrite Disposal, bought 18 new garbage trucks.  Read More

Posted 18 days ago

MARTA Going All-In with CNG Fleet

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has plans to rid its bus fleet of diesel and fully convert it to compressed natural gas (CNG) no later than 2018.  Read More

Posted 27 days ago

Saddle Creek Upgrades CNG Infrastructure as Fleet Hits 50 Million-Mile Mark

Saddle Creek Logistics Services said its compressed natural-gas fleet of 200 heavy-duty trucks reached the 50 million-mile mark in October.  Read More

Posted 5 weeks ago

Advanced Disposal on Track to Meet CNG Fleet Goal

Advanced Disposal, a refuse and recycling company that operates in more than a dozen states, has expanded its compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet after adding more CNG trucks and opening a new CNG station in Hartland, Wis.  Read More

Posted 5 weeks ago

Florida Transit Agency Starts Major CNG Switch

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) unveiled its first compressed natural gas (CNG) bus from its new CNG fleet during a press conference Monday, and the Jacksonville, Fla.-based agency expects to save millions of dollars by making a big switch to the alternative fuel.  Read More

Posted 5 weeks ago

Canadian Refuse Company Continues CNG Switch

Emterra Environmental, a Canadian refuse and recycling company, has officially opened a new compressed natural gas (CNG) station and launched a fleet of CNG collection trucks in British Columbia.  Read More

Posted 6 weeks ago

City of Hamilton Recommits to CNG, Expects Big Savings

The City of Hamilton, Ontario, and utility Union Gas marked the completion of a compressed natural gas (CNG) station at the Mountain Transit Center that will fuel the city's new fleet of CNG buses.  Read More

Posted 8 weeks ago

City 'Hits a Home Run' with Renewable Natural Gas Project

As communities across the U.S. convert their fleets to cleaner-burning, domestically produced alternative fuels, the next logical step is to power those fleets with fuel that's already produced by the community.  Read More

Posted 2 months ago

Garbage to Gas

Landfills and sewage treatment plants are an overlooked source of clean energy - but a boom in bio-methane might be coming.  Read More

Posted 3 months ago