Compressed Natural Gas

CNG is natural gas that has been compressed to up to 3,600 psi into a high-pressure container for transportation or storage. CNG has been a vehicle fuel alternative to oil-based gasoline and diesel fuel since the 1960s.

There are more than 1,200 CNG refuelling stations in the U.S. This includes public service stations and private depot-based refuelling stations for fleets. Several companies provide CNG/LNG refuelling infrastructure to fleets on a component or turnkey basis.

In most cases, a CNG station is created by connecting a fuel compressor to the nearest underground natural gas pipeline distribution system.  More details on CNG fueling options are available on NGVAmerica's website here.

Cummins Westport engines can accept a wide range of natural gas fuel compositions. Use our Fuel Performance Specification Calculator to ensure compatibility.

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