Introducing Cummins Westport’s 2018 natural gas engines: the B6.7N, L9N, and ISX12N. Designed to be the lowest emission engines available today, these 2018 natural gas engines set new standards for performance and reliability while offering near-zero emissions.

Certified to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (ARB) Optional Low NOx standards, these new engines continue the evolution of ultra low emission on-highway natural gas engines from Cummins Westport. 

With the new engines comes new names. The letters B, L, and X are followed by the engine displacement. The letter “N” indicates engines that are fueled by natural gas.

What are Optional Low NOx Emissions?

The California ARB has introduced Optional Low NOx emission standards which are 90% lower than current EPA emission standards. Natural gas is a low carbon, domestic fuel which lowers overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is natural gas produced from landfills or organic waste. Combining
Cummins Westport ultra low emission engines with RNG provides additional GHG reductions.

The Cummins Westport GHG Emissions Calculator will help you evaluate how our low NOx engines can help reduce your fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Click here for more information.

Lowest Cost Pathway to Zero Emissions

Cummins Westport engines are available from leading truck and bus manufacturers. Ultra low NOx engines fueled by natural gas offer a low-cost pathway to zero emissions. Natural gas trucks and buses offer route flexibility and don’t require in-route refueling, unlike electric vehicles that may need to recharge during a route. On-highway natural gas trucks have over 500 mile range capability, and can use existing fueling infrastructure.