GHG Calculator

Cummins Westport has introduced an Emissions Calculator as a new feature in the Natural Gas Playbook.

The CWI Well to Wheel (WTW) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator is based on three published North American Lifecycle WTW Greenhouse Gas Calculators.

  • GREET_1 2016 – United States (excluding California)
  • CA GREET 2.0 – California
  • GHGenius 4.03a – Canada

These calculators assess fuel for its overall greenhouse gas (GHG) impact including each stage of production and use, calculating the Annual Total WTW GHG (CO2eq) Savings with NGVs in Metric Tonnes per year

The CWI Emission Calculator uses the default assumptions in each respective published Greenhouse gas calculators for Well to Tank emissions, and assumes the current fleet is operating on diesel fuel. Engine related emission data is sourced from diesel and NG engines certification data. CO2 and CH4 FEL emissions over certification test cycles that are used to calculate the fuel consumption, fuel economy and test cycle thermal efficiency.

The user selects the calculator for their region of interest, the application, the model year and number of diesel vehicles being replaced with natural gas vehicles, and provides current fuel use data.  For natural gas the fuel selections are CNG, LNG, or RNG.

After calculating the results the website has a Print This Page option that provides the opportunity to run different scenarios and collect results and other information in the Playbook into a personal Playbook document.

More information on the emissions calculator is located in the Technical Details on the website.

Click here to go the Emissions Calculator