Fuel Stations

Natural gas vehicles can be refuelled at dispensers, similar to those designed for diesel or gasoline vehicles. There are more than 1,200 CNG refuelling stations in the U.S. including public service stations and private depot-based refuelling stations for fleets.

A typical CNG station includes a compressor, a gas dryer, storage vessels, dispensers and underground piping. In most cases, a CNG station is created by connecting a fuel compressor to the nearest underground natural gas pipeline distribution system.

There are two types of CNG fueling stations: fast-fill and time-fill. Fast-fill stations
operate at higher pressures and take a similar amount of time as a diesel to fill. The
amount of gas flowing through the filling lines creates some heat, which can reduce
total fuel capacity.  Time-fill stations can refuel a fleet of vehicles at a single location over a longer time  period. These filling stations use lower fuel pressures, with multiple vehicles being plugged in for several hours, similar to a battery on a trickle charger. This eliminates the problem of drivers waiting in line for a limited number of fuel pumps, minimizes labor and ensures a full fill at up to 3600 psi.

A typical LNG station includes LNG storage, a pump/dispenser, and underground piping. The fuel is dispensed as a liquid into vehicle storage tanks similar to conventional liquid fuels.  Because LNG is stored at extremely cold temperatures, when fueling an LNG-powered vehicle, operators must wear protective gloves and clothing to avoid freezing burns. Fueling is done through a top-mount cap, and takes a similar amount of time to fill as a diesel tank.

See the links below for information on fuel station providers, fuel pricing, and station locators. 

Canadian Fueling Station Locations

Provided by the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance.

Advance Fuel Systems Corp.

Advance Fuel Systems, Corp. (AFSC) designes, manufactures, packages,
services and maintaines Natural Gas Vehicle fueling stations.

Alt Fuel Prices

Station locator & pricing information for alternative fuels - USA and Canada.

American Natural Gas

ANG designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains CNG stations. Out of corporate headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York, its team of highly-trained strategists, designers, and operations professionals is working side-by-side with fleets across the country to improve the CNG experience.


ampCNG is fueling the transformation of the US trucking industry with one of the largest national networks of public access, ultra fast fill, Class 8-dedicated CNG fueling stations in the country.

ANGI International

Since 1983, ANGI International has grown to be one of the world’s leaders for supplying of Compressed Natural Gas refueling equipment in the CNG Industry. A specialized team of sales and engineering experts work with each customer to analyze and define their fueling needs, prepare sites and coordinate compliance to standards and codes.

Applied LNG

Applied LNG produces, markets, and sells LNG to transportation, industrial, and municipal markets in the Western U.S. and Northern Mexico, and is now expanding into Texas and the surrounding states. The Company offers turn-key fuel solutions to its customers, including delivery of clean LNG fuel, equipment storage, fuel dispensing equipment and fuel loading facilities.

Change Energy

We lead and collaborate with the full range of providers and stakeholders to develop natural gas and hydrogen fuelling solutions for vehicles of all sizes and service profiles.

Chart LNG

Chart LNG Fueling provides all the equipment needed for a LNG-fueled fleet — from the liquefier to the on-board fueling system. We not only know how all the products work together in a complete system, we have designed over 95% of those parts — so we know they will work together.

Clean Energy Compression (IMW)

Clean Energy Compression (formerly IMW Industries) has over a century of experience in has been manufacturing precision industrial machinery (since 1912) and evolved into a leading manufacturer of quality natural gas compression systems and a preferred vendor for Clean Energy Fuels’ rapid build-out of one of the world’s largest Natural Gas Fueling Networks.

Clean Energy Fuels

Clean Energy is the largest provider of vehicular natural gas (CNG and LNG) in North America with a broad customer base in the refuse, transit, shuttle, taxi, police, intrastate and interstate trucking, airport and municipal fleet markets with tens of thousands of vehicles fueling at strategic locations in the United States and Canada.


Station locator & CNG pricing - USA

Corridor Clean Fuels

Our primary goal is to partner with you to increase the growing network of CNG fueling stations in the southeastern U.S. by building, owning and operating fueling stations for local and regional haul fleets as well as public access locations.

Enbridge Gas

For over 25 years, Enbridge Gas Distribution's Natural Gas Powered Vehicle Department has been providing natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations to Customers. Enbridge continues to be a leader in advocacy for natural gas as a transportation fuel as well as builder and supporter of natural gas vehicle (NGV) market within its franchise areas of Ontario.

ET Environmental Corporation

ET Energy is a dedicated business platform of ET Environmental Corporation. This division specializes in general contracting, construction management and design/build for conventional and alternative fueling systems, such as CNG, LNG and LFG (Landfill Gas).


FortisBC provides complete solutions and services, from planning to fuelling station installation to support. We can even provide a turnkey solution, so you can focus on your core business

Freedom CNG

Provider of CNG fueling stations in Texas, serving public and private fleets.

Frontier CNG

At Frontier CNG, we are experts in helping our clients define a long-term fleet vehicle fuel plan that incorporates Natural Gas. Frontier CNG is focusing on building stations in the main transportation corridors mainly in Southern Ontario, the BC lower mainland and the Calgary to Edmonton.

Gas Equipment Systems Inc.

Gas Equipment Systems Inc. is a Licensed California Engineering Contractor and Certified by the Texas Railroad Commission for CNG fuel station construction and maintenance of CNG/LNG/H2 Natural Gas Vehicle fueling stations, both large and small during the past nine years.

GP Strategies

GP Strategies’ Alternative Fuels Division is a recognized leader in the design, fabrication, construction, and maintenance of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) and Hydrogen (H2) fueling facilities, as well as customized LNG infrastructure solutions for heavy duty applications.

NextGen Integrated Engineering Inc.

NextGen designs, builds and integrates a variety of CNG fuel station equipment solutions to meet your specific application, whether its permanent or mobile, small to large scale for public or private stations throughout North America.

Ozinga Energy

Ozinga Energy, LLC is your local source for CNG solutions around Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest. Ozinga offers expertise in natural gas fueling solutions, provides fuel to compressed natural gas powered fleets, and constructs and designs CNG fueling stations.

Trillium CNG

Trillium CNG™ is a leading provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling services as well as a single-source provider of CNG fueling facility design, construction, operation and maintenance. We specialize in fueling fleets that require high-performance solutions.

TruStar Energy

TruStar Energy LLC is the preferred partner for commercial fleets looking to transition their fuel supply from oil to natural gas. TruStar Energy provides a suite of solutions making the transition as simple and easy as possible for the customer. With station builds throughout the US and Canada, TruStar Energy is a recognized leader in providing CNG infrastructure and CNG fueling solutions.

USA Fueling Station Locations

The Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) provides information, data, and tools to help fleets and other transportation decisions makers find ways to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures. Locate natural gas fueling stations in your area and learn about natural gas fueling infrastructure.

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