Tank Providers

Chart LNG

Chart is a recognized global brand for the design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic equipment used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain.

CNG Cylinders international

CNG cylinders international LP (CNGci), located in Oxnard – California, is a leading manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders used in the transportation Industry.


Established in 1972, Faber Industries has grown rapidly to become the leader in the production of seamless steel and composite cylinders for the storage of high-pressure gases.

Hexagon Lincoln

Hexagon Lincoln operates one of the world’s most advanced facilities for designing, testing and manufacturing composite Type 4 pressure vessels. After 50 years of fabricating advanced filament-wound composites and 20 years building Type 4 compressed natural gas tanks, we are the global leader in the industry. Our tanks set the standard for excellence in efficiency, safety and durability.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Established in 1898, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has grown to become the world leader in the development, production and supply of seamless, extruded aluminum and composite high-pressure cylinders for the storage of gases. Luxfer supplies customers in more than 50 countries from cylinder manufacturing facilities in England, France, the USA, China and India.

Westport LNG Tank System

The Westport LNG Tank System is optimized for spark ignited (SI) engines. Featuring proven Westport technology, the tank provides customers with the ability to fuel even the largest SI engines on a single tank and deliver extended range.

Worthington Industries

Worthington is a leading global supplier of pressure tanks and cylinders. The company manufactures a host of pressure cylinders products for industrial gas and cryogenic applications, transportation and alternative fuel storage, oil and gas equipment, and consumer brand retail products.

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