C Gas Plus

The C Gas Plus builds on the rugged, reliable design of Cummins diesel engines. The C Gas Plus engine is a six-cylinder lean burn spark-ignited natural gas vehicle engine that delivers from 186 to 205 kW with ultra-low emissions. It provides excellent torque, high fuel efficiency and reliable, robust performance.

Due to new emissions regulations effective in 2010, the C Gas Plus engine is no longer available in North America. 

For a brochure on the Euro C Gas Plus engine, click here.

Advertised Horsepower 187-209 kW 250-280 hp
Peak Torque 895-1152 N•m 660-850 lb-ft
Governed Speed 2,400 rpm
Clutch Engagement Torque 556 N•m 410 lb-ft
Number of cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke 114 mm x 135 mm
Engine displacement 8.3 l
Compression ratio 10:1
Operating cycles 4
Oil System Capacity 6.3 U.S. gal 23.9 L
Coolant Capacity 10.7 U.S. qts 10.1 L
Net Weight w/ Std. Accessories, Dry 1,330 lbs 603 kg
Emissions Euro III/IV
Fuel Types CNG / LNG / Biomethane
Methane number 65 or greater

Cummins Westport engines can accept a wide range of natural gas fuel compositions.
Use our Fuel Performance Specification Calculator to ensure compatibility.

Truck and Bus

Engine Model
kW (HP) @ rpm
Peak Torque
N•m (lb-ft) @ rpm
Governed Speed
CGe 280 30 209 (280) @ 2,400 1152 (850) @ 1,400 2,400 rpm
ICGe 250 31 187 (250) @ 2,400 895 (660) @ 1,400 2,400 rpm


Engine Model
kW (HP) @ rpm
Peak Torque
N•m (lb-ft) @ rpm
Governed Speed
CGe 280 30 187 (250) @ 2,400 1017 (750) @ 1,400 2,400 rpm

Overall, maintenance for the C Gas Plus is similar to that of diesel engines, but there are a few key differences:

  • Motor oil specifically formulated for natural gas engines is required. Do not use diesel engine oil in a natural gas engine.  If diesel engine oil is used, valve torching, piston scuffing and reduction in spark-plug life will occur.  For more information, see the links below or visit Cummins QuickServe Online:
  Hours Months
Oil and Filter* 500 6
Primary Fuel Filter 500 6
Secondary Fuel Filter 1,000 12
Overhead Adjustment 2,000 24
Spark Plug Change** 1,000 24
*Requires Natural Gas Engine Oil 
**2,000 hour option available—contact your Cummins distributor for more details.
  • Default interval is the hours stated. Interval is whichever comes first – hours, miles or time.
  • Refer to Quick Serve Online or Owner's Manual for complete details on Maintenance Intervals.