Service Technician training for Cummins Westport engines is provided through the Cummins global distributor network. This training is available for customers and OEM dealers and is recommended for any technician before maintenance and repairs are performed.

Cummins Virtual College is an interactive computer-based self-study learning system.  Because it utilizes CD-ROMs, no live internet connection is needed to complete the engine service training. The training is targeted at technicians, but others within your organization can also benefit from other paths available on the CDs. This training tool is proven to reduce training costs by minimizing time "away from the shop" for technicians.

Cummins also provides both web-based and face-to-face training to help service technicians become proficient with natural gas engines.  Many Cummins distributor locations also offer classroom and hands-on training to ensure technicians and customers are familiar and confident working on and around natural gas engines. 

Contact your local Cummins distributor for more details 

Training is also available from others on, fuel systems inspection and maintenance, fuelling stations and driver safety. Contact your OEM or local natural gas supplier or visit our links page for more details. 

Natural Gas Academy

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